GIS trainings

GIS training cycle

A complete 3 consecutive weeks of GIS training cycle in our office in La Rochelle - France. Technologies = QGIS, GPS and mobile GIS, FME, Webmapping.

QGIS trainings

Open source training sessions with powerfull QGIS software in our office at La Rochelle (see the Calendar) and on-site in France, Africa and Asia-Oceania.

ArcGIS trainings

Training on ArcGIS for Desktop (ArcGIS basics, ArcGIS Standard, ArcGIS Advanced) at different levels and ArcGIS Extensions on-site in France, Africa and Asia-Oceania areas.

Mapinfo trainings

Training onMapinfo professional level 1 and 2. Relational Databases and Mapinfo software on-site in France, Africa and Asia-Oceania areas.

Databases trainings

Spatial databases trainings (Ms Access, PostGIS, MySQL, SQLite, SpatiaLite) orientation training and improvement on-site in France, Africa and Asia-Oceania.

WebGIS Dynmap trainings

WebGIS server trainings DynMAP orientation training and improvement in our office in la Rochelle and on-site everywhere in France, Africa and Asia-Oceania.

Google Maps API trainings

Project support trainings on Googles Maps API and Google Earth 3D in our office in La Rochelle and on-site everywhere in France, Africa and Asia-Oceania.

OpenLayers trainings

Open source webGIS server trainings, GeoServer and OpenLayers in our office in La Rochelle and on-site everywhere in France, Africa and Asia-Oceania.

GIS trainings in New Caledonia in partnership with SF2i

2D3D.GIS and SF2i decided to reinforce their competences in New Caledonia by forming an associated technological and services partnership. SF2i is one of the most important IT services company on the New Caledonia market. Specialists of system infrastructures, SF2i guide you in implementation and evolution of your informations systems offering you a large choice of services.

The 2D3D.GIS / SF2i group offers to the public organizations and private companies of New Caledonia high level services in IT engineering, GIS and remote sensing studies, IS / GIS / WebGIS integration and inter / intra firm trainings.

Our services of GIS trainings in partnership with SF2i in New Caledonia includes :

  • Mapinfo orientation training. Duration : 3 days
  • Mapinfo improvement training. Duration : 2 days
  • Quantum GIS orientation training. Duration : 3 days

Download trainings components of mapinfo and quantum gis

To view the dates of the next sessions of GIS trainings in New Caledonia, please contact Magaly TESSIER from SF2i at Nouméa by phone +687 24 23 22 or by email

GIS training at 2D3D.GIS

GIS and Databases guidance / training appears to be an essential part of every project linked to spatial data, whether it be as part of the implementation of IT tools or to highlight Human Resources of each company. 2D3D.GIS has a service fitted with the professional needs around Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial databases. Our GIS consulting and training team highlights in his trainings, above all, practice of users adapted methods. Our trainings are intended for engineers, technicians or heads of services at different levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) in the following fields :

  • GIS project management
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) general concepts
  • Relational and spatial databases linked to GIS
  • Software (ArcGIS, Mapinfo, Quantum GIS, Google Maps, Dynmap, GeoServer, Openlayers...)
  • Remote sensing and satellite images interpretation
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) and mobile systems

Competent GIS trainers

Our team has both necessary competences and experience to help you to make independently the right move at the right time. Our consultant-trainers and GIS advisors come from a variety and complementary of backgrounds, linked to computer science and engineering, as well as Earth and Social sciences. Their complementary know how is an essential advantage to help you to define the needs, to choose the right tools and how to implement them. All our consultants are professionals and experienced engineers, bilinguals, which intervene worldwide.

A strong and diversified experience in GIS training

Aware of the interest in managing, sharing and broadcasting geographic data, 2D3D.GIS offers a global offer of products and services. Therefore our experience assure you :

  • A recognised pedagogical knowledge
  • Standard and customized GIS trainings
  • Many references of GIS trainings on-site in France and abroad, Africa and Asia-Oceania notably
  • A GIS knowledge linked to territorial management
  • A strong experience in GIS solutions implementation
  • An accurate knowledge of cartographic production

Teaching method and GIS teaching materials

Our GIS trainings contents are focused on users and organization needs (level and interest) for each training accomplished. Visual digital training materials are showed (power-points, demonstrations of applications). Our trainings guides are wrote internally at 2D3D.GIS on free of rights data. We don't work on copied/paste exercises of software support or various contents found on web sites. As an example a beginners' guide of a GIS software for a three days training represents approximately 120 pages of theory and practice. A training guidebook and a digital protected PDF version is given to each trainee. Our GIS trainings guides include :

  • - A detailed plan and pedagogical aspect of the learning
  • - Practical work IT procedures
  • - « PowerPoint » documents shown during the training
  • - Bibliography and "Webography"

Training's evaluation and certification

An evaluation is realised at the end of each session using a questionnaire. Results are deferred to the Educational director of the organization. An interactive oral summary is also realised at the end of each training. Optionally a post pedagogical training follow-up can be made to guide trainees.

2D3D.GIS is a professional training agency under the company registration number 54 17 01172 17 assigned by administrative offices of the Poitou-Charentes region (Article R.921-5 of the labour code) and the regional labor, employment and vocational training of Poitou-Charentes (DRTEFP) - FRANCE. A training certification is given to each trainee who has successfully completed the GIS training session.