GIS database

Spatial database (DB) producer

We have the skills, the experience and the tools to produce basemaps according to the current nomenclatures standards or according to your needs. We work from any type of optical sensor (radar, aerial or satellite imagery) for rendering to all types of scales (from cadastre to medium scale).

We are surrounded by recognized partners who allow us to control the entire production chain of information whether geographical or not. We offer you at this stage a technological expertise and high level services.

  • Aerial photographs and orthophotographs
  • Digital field model (DEM / DGS /DTM)
  • Signal processing with extraction of land use elements (radar, satellite imagery)
  • Atlas, poster and cartographic production

Field missions

Each study of spatial analysis linked to land use or human activities interaction imperatively requires a field confrontation for a verification and a validation / invalidation of the manual or automated IT processing performed from databases, aerial photographs or satellite imagery :

  • Field methodology
  • GPS use
  • Mobile GIS