Service of GIS consultants

GIS consulting, project monitoring and evaluation

We have both the skills and experience necessary to help you make the right choices at the right times, with independence. Our consultants come from diverse and complementary backgrounds related to information technology and engineering, as well as Earth Sciences.

Their complementary skills will be an essential asset to help you identify needs, selecting tools and to set up your project. After analysing all the consequences of any technical choice, our experts will assist you in the drafting of specifications, preparation and execution of test benches, as well as the phases of selection and implementation of a GIS.

Our missions as GIS consultants

We work on different types of tasks :

  • Audit of facilities and organizations
  • Board in the study phase and draft for establishment of a GIS : analysis of existing requirements, feasibility study, master plan
  • Management Assistance Authority (ACA) for the establishment of a GIS solution, drafting documents and monitoring the operational implementation
  • Writing specifications for choosing GIS / webgis softwares or for the development of business applications
  • modelling and implementation of spatial databases and spatial data integration.
  • Technical assistance
  • GIS vocational training
  • GIS project monitoring and evaluation